NZSurfGuide has been created as a free resource for information on surfing beaches in New Zealand. This site is an ongoing information store where users can provide information and images for the site, to share with other like minded surfers. So please if you use the information on this site, be sure to submit information you have on your local breaks for others to use. you can submit information and feedback on the contact form.

New Zealand is a small country, with many kilometers of coast line. There are many surf beaches around New Zealand, some are harder to get to than others and some have much better waves than others. Surfing has grown in popularity over the years and these days you will find plenty of surfers around, making popular spots crowded.


New Zealand is at a fairly low latitude, meaning its not the warmest of climates. To make it worse the South Island of New Zealand also gets a lot of south swells and southern ocean currents passing, making the water that little bit cooler. In the South Island you will need a wetsuit most of the year unless your really brave, and in winter you wil need a thick winter wetsuit with booties, hood and possibly gloves. The North Island gets more North swells and is a bit warmer than the South Island. Up North you will need a wetsuit in winter, but in summer you will only need a spring suit or possibly board shorts. Cool water wax is best suited for most locations in New Zealand.


New Zealand is a country with plenty of stunning scenery where ever you go, so traveling round the country is well worth the journey and very accessible. There are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained and accommodation options to choose from while you travel to different locations. New Zealands are mostly very friendly and helpful, so if needed just ask a local. New Zealand is also generally a safe place to travel with very few incidents occurring, but it is still advisable to take precautions, theft is an issue anywhere around the world including New Zealand. New Zealand has very few dangerous wild life to be aware of, with most wild life being more scared of us.

Enjoy your travels in New Zealand.