Surfing Etiquette

Surfing is a great sport and past time and is growing ever more popular each year. With such a popular sport you are at time going to find lots of people and limited waves, so here is some surfing etiquette everyone should follow so everyone can have a chance to enjoy the waves available.


Dropping In: Dropping in on someone is where you catch a wave that someone else is already on and riding. This is can be really frustrating and not to mention dangerous. The general rule is that if you are at the peak of the wave, where the wave breaks first, you have right of wave, as you should be catching the wave and standing up first.


Paddling out: When paddling out try to keep out of the way of other surfers riding, but theres nothing worse or more dangerous than having someone trying to run you over. When riding a wave watch out for other swimmers and surfer paddling out and give them some room.


Learning: When learning its best to stay closer to shore and practice on some of the smaller waves. Don't go out where the main peak is and all the good surfers are surfing, your likely to get in the way or possibly hit. Move down the beach a little further and practice out of the way.


More to come....