Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse Reef is a right hand reef break on a rocky reef just south of Jacks Point. The wave has a gnarly drop in, with hollow, barrel sections on offer. Best for advanced to expert surfers only.

Jacks Point

Jacks Point is a right hand point break on a rocky stoney point, at Scarborough, just south of Timaru. The wave gives a good length ride and a nice wally shape with several sections to play with. best for advanced to expert surfers.


Patiti Point is a left hand point break off the end of the point. The wave has a steep, fast drop in, with some good power and a nice hollow sections. Good for intermediate to expert surfers. It can get quite popular when its on.


Smithfield is a right hand reef break, located off the rocks out front of the old Smithfield Freezing works. The wave is powerful, with a steep, gnarly drop in and a solid wall. Expert surfers only.

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