Banks Peninsula

Raupo Bay

Raupo is a sand, Beach break out on Banks Peninsula. It gets the north to north east swell, producing several peaks across the bay. Can get hollow on a lower tide.

Goughs Bay

Goughs Bay is a good beach break on the end of Banks Peninsula so it picks up plenty of swell, however is uaully a bit smaller than Hickory Bay. It is a sandy beach with a reasonable gradient allowing the surf to break closer to shore. Not many people make it down to Goughs Bay so crowds aren't a problem. You will need to ask the farmer for permission to cross his land to get to the beach.

Tumbledown Bay

Tumbledown Bay is a nice small, sheltered beach break. It is a sandy bay with a very low gradient. It needs some good swell to get waves, and is a good learners or mal wave. Usually quite small 0.5 - 2ft but can get a little bigger.

Te Oka Bay

A sandy beach at the end of a long narrow bay, so it needs the right swell angle to get in. Can be a good choice when there is a really big swell and you want something a little sheltered and smaller. Good fun wave for all levels. The beach looks stoney but once down to sea level its sand, so no need for those booties. Better on a lower tide.

Magnet Bay

Good long left hand point break on a large boulder beach, producing a fat but wally wave. Best at low to mid tide as the wave shape is better, or when the swell is small it needs to be low tide or you will be on the rocks. Being a point break it can get crowded fairly quick.
Even though its a fatter wave with a fairly easy take off, you really need to be an intermediate to advanced surf as the boulders can make it dangerous.

Hickory Bay

This is an amazing break when its on and is a wave magnet for the christchurch area, facing due east and being on the end of the penninsula it captures swell from the South right around to the North East. It features a sand bottom and usually has great banks providing peaks along the beach and a good left off the far left cliff face.

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